Wallingford, Oxfordshire, United Kingdom, June 25, 2021 Jonas Software (“Jonas”) is pleased to announce the acquisition of WM-data Deutschland GmbH (“WM-data”). WM-data’s key product, FAGUS Paper, specializes in manufacturing execution systems, planning, scheduling and trim optimization software for the paper manufacturing industry.

“This acquisition will allow for development resources and experienced personnel to add to our growing Manufacturing vertical,” said Richard Clancy, Portfolio Manager. “We are excited about the quality of the people and the clients of WM-data.  What WM-data has accomplished over the past 30 years is tremendous and we hope to build upon their accomplishments within Germany.”

“WM-data was founded in 1991 by developing practical experience in programming solutions for the paper industry. Our long-term goal has always been to increase our customers’ value creation in a sustainable and efficient way. With the acquisition of WM-data, our customers will continue to work with a preferred partner in the paper industry, with the financial backing and best practices from Jonas’ independently managed software companies.”, says Heinz Schmitz, Founder.

About WM-data Deutschland GmbH

In 1991 WM-data Deutschland GmbH was found from IT department of Feldmühle AG during some outsourcings. Looking back on more than 30 years of practical experience in programming solutions for the paper industry, WM-data has excellent know-how in processes, analysis and development. With specific skills and experience which is built up over a long time, WM-data’s customers increase their value creation in a sustainable and efficient way. These solutions lead to greater competitiveness and superior results.

About Jonas Software

Jonas Software operates over 110 independently managed software brands around the world, providing them with the strategic guidance and financial security required to be leaders in their respective markets. From its roots formed in the construction and club management markets, Jonas Software’s reach has grown extensively within the fitness, membership, hospitality, and industrial verticals. Today, Jonas Software is proud to supply industry-leading enterprise management software and related services to more than 80,000 customers in over 30+ vertical markets.

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