Markham, Ontario, Canada – November 18, 2022 Jonas Software (“Jonas”) is pleased to announce the official launch of CORA Group (“CORA”), a new vertically diverse portfolio focused on increasing capacity to both complete acquisitions and onboard those newly acquired software businesses.  Matt Otchet, Jonas Software’s Group CEO, will serve as CORA Group’s CEO.

“Over the past 5 years, our team has acquired, integrated, and operated a portfolio of 23 software businesses in over 10 verticals with more than 1000 employees. Through this experience, we have been able to identify areas of friction and delays in the acquisition process and have streamlined our operations to improve the overall experience for everyone involved.  Simply stated, it is our belief that a focused approach on key areas of diligence coupled with honest dialogue reduces the typical fatigue experienced by sellers,” said Matt Otchet.  “Further, as with all Jonas Software portfolios, CORA Group is equally focused on supporting those newly acquired businesses by providing guidance and support without intruding on the culture and brand equity that the prior owners have successfully built.”

Jonas operates over 120 independently managed software brands around the world, and CORA will build on this success. CORA Group leverages the collective knowledge from the family of Jonas business units to drive advancement in career opportunities, product and service offerings, and shareholder returns.

CORA Group will continue to operate under the buy-and-hold forever acquisition philosophy as a division of Jonas Software.

Otchet goes on to say, “Like most of our employees, I came into Jonas Software through an acquisition.  We have been on both sides of the process and have learned from these experiences.  I firmly believe that being acquired by those who have been acquired is a unique CORA Group benefit for the sellers, employees, and customers alike.”

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Contact:                     Raymond Hua

Company:                  Vice President, CORA Group 

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Contact:                     George Chalmers

Company:                  M&A Marketing Manager, CORA Group 

E-Mail:                         [email protected]


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