Simi Valley, California, United States of America Vertus Group is pleased to announce the acquisition of Tangerine Global, a leading provider in the Media Solutions and Network Services Provider industries. Since their first HD IPTV installation in 2005, Tangerine Global has been committed to creating extraordinary digital products while providing exceptional service and reliability to both their commercial and residential customers.

“We are thrilled to welcome Tangerine Global to Vertus,” said Jim Fedigan, Group CEO of Vertus Group. “Their impressive product offerings and strong foothold in the hospitality industry make for an exceptional addition to our portfolio. I am excited to see how Tangerine continues to grow into the future.”

Greg Pasetta, Tangerine Global’s President and CEO states, “We are truly excited to be part of Vertus Group, which aligns with the values, quality commitment and vision that has been the foundation of Tangerine Global for the past 18 years. We look forward to our continual innovation for our customers and carrying on our journey together as part of the Vertus Group family.”

The acquisition of Tangerine signifies two important milestones for Vertus Group. It introduces Vertus Group’s official fifth vertical, Media Solutions, aligning with the portfolio’s goal of expanding to new sectors. This acquisition is also the first by Vertus Group since the portfolio’s official rebranding in December 2023, emphasizing the company’s commitment to growth and the addition of valuable vertical market software companies like Tangerine Global.

About Tangerine Global

Tangerine Global is a Media Solutions and Network Services Provider for both commercial and residential markets. Using advanced technology, the company ensures a personalized and reliable viewing experience across various platforms and devices.

A pioneer in HD IPTV, Tangerine Global installed its first system in Asia in 2005 and is currently providing services across North America. They offer a variety of intelligent products including the cloud-based IPTV Mediaroom and MediaFirst platforms, enabling the creation, management, and delivery of next-gen OTT services on multiple devices such as iOS, Android, Apple TV, Android TV, Amazon Fire Sticks, and more.

For more information on their intuitive products, visit Tangerine Global

About Vertus Group

Vertus Group operates over 20 independently managed software brands, offering them market-leading strategic guidance and unlimited opportunities for growth. From its beginnings in the Club Management and Hospitality markets, Vertus Group’s reach has expanded into new verticals such as Dispute Management, Developer Tools, and Media Solutions. Today, Vertus Group is proud to supply industry-leading enterprise management software to businesses in 100+ countries. As a division of Jonas Software, Vertus Group’s buy-and-hold acquisition promise means that the portfolio’s goal is not merely to acquire high performing companies, but to do so while adhering to virtues that make a positive impact on both the legacy and the people involved in the business.

About Jonas Software

Jonas Software operates over 140+ independently managed software brands around the world, providing them with the strategic guidance and financial security required to be leaders in their respective markets. From its roots formed in the construction and club management markets, Jonas Software’s reach has grown extensively within the fitness, membership, hospitality, and industrial verticals. Today, Jonas Software is proud to supply industry-leading enterprise management software and related services to more than 80,000 customers in over 40+ vertical markets.

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