Wallingford, Oxfordshire, United Kingdom, October 12th, 2023 – Vesta Software Group (“Vesta”), a subsidiary of Jonas Software (“Jonas”) is pleased to announce the acquisition of Nodum, a well-known provider of enterprise resource planning solutions in Latin America. This will be Vesta’s seventh acquisition in Uruguay. Nodum was founded in 1979 and is focused on developing its own ERP, Payroll Management, Warehouse Management and Asset Management solutions for its medium and large-sized Latin American company clients.

“Vesta is thrilled to be adding Nodum to our ever-growing portfolio of companies in Latin America. Nodum has a rich pedigree and has established itself as a true leader in providing mission critical applications all across the region. The company comes with an excellent team, and we are very excited to start working with all Nodum’s clients and staff” said Richard Clancy Group CEO at Vesta. “The continuation of our buy and hold forever message, and transparent process has demonstrated again that Vesta Software Group is a great fit for vertical market software companies in the region.”

Jose Maria Vazquez, founder of Nodum added: “Nodum is a company with more than 40 years of experience in providing IT solutions for the comprehensive management of companies and organizations. From the beginning it has been committed to innovative solutions based on its process-oriented technology, and has obtained a leadership position in Uruguay and in the regional market. In this context, we have found in Vesta Software the ideal partner to continue investing in technological product solutions for our clients”.

Lucia Vazquez, who will continue in the management of Nodum, added: “With extensive experience in creating innovative technological solutions, supported by a talented human team and a firm commitment to our values, Nodum has established itself as a leading company in Uruguay and has strengthened its presence in the regional market. In line with our vision of constant evolution and the creation of greater value for our customers, we have found a great opportunity in Vesta.”

About Nodum

Nodum is a company with more than four decades of experience dedicated to the development and implementation of innovative software solutions for global companies and organizations. Nodum’s solutions are aimed at optimizing companies’ natural business processes through technology, generating added value to them. Its main ERP solution is a comprehensive management platform, which also integrates additional and specialized solutions such as the system for automated warehouse management (WMS), asset management (AMS), customer relationship management (CRM), payroll management, e-Invoice among others, easily adapting to different company formats and sectors of activity. It has its own process-oriented technology that, based on a business management metamodel, allows modelling the processes, flowcharts and business procedures required by a company and then generating computer systems from that model with a minimum need for programming and through activity of consultants who are not experts in systems.

About Vesta Software Group

Vesta Software Group operates over twenty five independent software brands in a variety of vertical markets globally, enabling each to become clear leaders in their industry. As a subsidiary of Jonas Software, the group focuses on strengthening businesses within the markets in which it competes – whether through organic measures such as new initiatives or product development, day-to-day business, or growth through acquisition. Vesta Software Group’s ultimate parent company, Constellation Software Inc, is publicly traded in Canada (TSX: CSU) and is one of the largest owners and acquirers of vertical market software companies in the world.

About Jonas Software:

Jonas Software operates over 140 independently managed software brands around the world, providing them with the strategic guidance and financial security required to be leaders in their respective markets. From its roots formed in the construction and club management markets, Jonas Software’s reach has grown extensively within the fitness, membership, hospitality, and industrial verticals. Today, Jonas Software is proud to supply industry-leading enterprise management software and related services to more than 80,000 customers in over 40+ vertical markets.

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