While Jonas has a 10+ year history in the fitness vertical, it has more recently begun to expand its focus to total health and wellness including physical and mental wellbeing.

In the face of longer lifespans, rising chronic diseases and stress, there is greater attention on what makes us well, particularly the manner in which we live, work and travel.

The current pandemic is also changing the wellness industry, fueling the rise of telemedicine, at-home fitness and digital therapy and creating both opportunities and challenges for software companies. Jonas understands these dynamics and has focused on acquiring and building companies that are critical to its customers. Here is some background on how Jonas has evolved:

In 2003, Constellation Software acquired Gary Jonas Computing, a functionally rich suite of products for the private club (Golf, Country, Yacht, Tennis and City Clubs) and construction industries. Since then, Jonas has focused on expanding in the existing private club and construction verticals, as well as entering into new industries. As of 2021, Jonas Software operates in over 30 different verticals worldwide with more than 100 vertical market software companies.

One of the first new verticals that Jonas entered, outside of the private club and construction industry, was fitness. Some of the transactions Jonas has completed in the fitness, health and wellness portfolio include:

2009 – Jonas Software acquired EZ Facility, which provides software for gyms and indoor sports facilities including membership management, scheduling, billing, equipment tracking, and much more.

2013 – Jonas Software acquired Jonas Fitness, its second large fitness acquisition, which offers club management software and billing solutions to fitness chains and wellness centres.

2017 – Jonas Software acquired InnoSoft, a recreation management system that supports colleges and schools to operate their indoor and outdoor recreation facilities.

2019 – Jonas Software acquired ProviderSoft, which supports agencies that provide a range of early childhood intervention services. Early intervention services may include physical therapy, and speech therapy, which is a good example of the focus on overall health and wellness, including mental health.

Meanwhile, Jonas Fitness and EZFacility continue to extend their offerings to support wellness in the traditional sports and fitness space. The portfolio has continued to expand into adjacent verticals and is constantly seeking new opportunities.

Here is a current view of the North American Fitness, Health & Wellness portfolio:

Jonas Fitness portfolio from 2009 to 2019

We wanted to highlight a few of the above acquisitions in more detail:

Company Vertical Year Joined Jonas Description
EZFacility logo Sports Clubs & Gyms 2009 Facility and membership management with EPOS and billing for independent health clubs, sports clubs, arenas, and ice rinks.
Jonas Fitness logo Fitness & Wellness Centers 2013 Club management and billing software for multi-site health club chains and large independent clubs.
Campus Recreation 2017 Recreation management system that supports colleges and schools to operate their indoor and outdoor recreation facilities.
ProviderSoft logo Childhood Development 2019 Provides software and services to support agencies that provide a range of Early Childhood Intervention services.

“After 20 years working in UK Fit Tech as both an owner and team member, my Jonas journey started 11 years ago when the group bought Gladstone PLC, the leading membership and club management software for health clubs, colleges, and municipalities across the UK. And what a journey it has been!

From Product Manager, Director and CEO in the UK, then moving to the USA in 2018 to support the development of our North America fitness, wellness, and payments group, I have had the good fortune to work with some incredibly talented and dedicated people. I now have the opportunity to both develop and grow our existing businesses in the USA and Canada and invest in bringing exciting new brands and talent into the group.

Having experienced life as a small business owner and been part of teams in private and public companies of different sizes, I have found Jonas has the perfect mix of ambition, opportunity, and values to suit me. I love that there are always new challenges and new teams to meet and learn from and would encourage any leader looking for the next stage for their business to consider joining our family.”

Arthur Morris

Group CEO, Jonas Softwarre

EZ Facility CEO Profile Image

“I was one of the original shareholders of EZ Facility, which Jonas acquired in 2009. Not only has the business thrived under Jonas’ ownership, it has also been a great place for me to advance my career. In addition to EZ Facility, I now oversee numerous other companies filled with smart and exceptionally talented employees. It is truly an honour to work with such great people.”

Eric Willin

Portfolio Manager, Jonas Softwarre

EZ Facility CEO Profile Image

The Jonas model has allowed us to keep our family-feel company culture while providing a stable, supportive business environment, with ample opportunities for mentor and peer collaboration. Our employees have benefited from better long-term benefit options, more opportunities to grow in their current role, and new opportunities to grow within the larger company.

Continuous improvements to the overall Jonas process show their commitment to adapt to their companies’ needs, and their expertise in target areas helps fill in any gaps in operations.

I can honestly say that our company’s transition from private ownership to the Jonas Family has been a truly positive experience for all, and knowing what I know now, after this past year, I would certainly make the same choice again.

Alicyn Harkness

Co-CEO/Director of Client Services, ProviderSoft

Want to Learn More About the Jonas Fitness, Health & Wellness Portfolio

Jonas’ strategy is to acquire, manage and build industry-specific software solutions. We like to talk about our ABCs in terms of how we are unique:

  •  Autonomy – we have a decentralized structure and do not seek to take over the day-to-day operations of our companies.
  • Buy & Hold Forever – since our beginnings in 2003, Jonas has never sold a company it has acquired.
  • Culture of Sharing Best Practices – we place a high value on sharing our experiences on how to run great vertical market software companies with those who are a part of the Jonas family, through educational events, webinars, etc.

Think Jonas would be a great permanent home for your software business? Reach out today to the contacts below to schedule a call:

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