2022 has been a busy year full of new growth for Jonas Software:

  • 16 innovative and mission-critical software companies were acquired by Jonas
  • 12 acquisitions were in our existing verticals
  • 4 acquisitions were in new verticals
  • Jonas grew in 7 countries

Let’s take a deeper dive into each acquisition, new geographic location and the Jonas Software portfolio that acquired the company.

“We are very pleased to have found a permanent home at Jonas Software for CompuMove. Jonas’ buy and hold forever strategy resonated with us and we are confident that our customers and employees are in good hands.”

Susanne Millian

President, CompuMove

Jonas Vertical Market Growth

*acquisitions with a star in the top-right corner were in new verticals

Acquisitions by Portfolio

Vesta Software Group

Club & Hospitality Portfolio

CORA Group

Jonas Software ANZ

Pyxis Software Group

Jonas Software UK

Acquisition by Country

Acquisition Profiles

Let’s look at a few profiles from Jonas’ acquisitions

Qwantec: Geographical Expansion into Chile & Peru

Aquisition Date: November 2022

Functionality: Mission critical provider of time & attendance control services and tools. Qwantec delivers high quality products to various industry verticals within Chile and Peru.

Headquarters: Santiago, Chile

Why Jonas: “[The Jonas acquisition]… has now allowed us to be part of one of the largest technology groups in the United Kingdom and Canada, but without a doubt it is even better news for our more than 8,000 clients in Chile and Peru who will receive even better products and services in the future.” Oscar Granadino Horvath and Álvaro Vásquez Salinas, co-founders of Qwantec.

Website: https://www.qwantec.com/

Vizergy: Expanding on Digital Marketing

Acquisition Date: September 2022

Functionality: Vizergy provides a hospitality focused Digital Sales & Marketing platform with a full suite of digital marketing services.

Headquarters: Florida, United States of America

Why Jonas: “We feel like Jonas Software perfectly aligns with the values, quality commitment and vision that has allowed Vizergy to grow and thrive for the past 20 years. We couldn’t be more excited about our future together” – Robert Arnold, Vizergy’s President

Website: https://www.vizergy.com/

Brainbase: Product-Licensing Vertical Growth

Acquisition Date: September 2022

Functionality: Brainbase provides brand licensing management software to global licensing businesses worldwide.

Headquarters: California, United States of America

Why Jonas: “The goal of Brainbase was to provide the best platform for brands that own and license their IP. With Jonas’ support and expertise in the licensing management space, we believe we can continue to improve the products and services we offer to our customers” said Nate Cavanaugh, CEO and Co-Founder. “We are excited to work with the team at Jonas to help owners of IP assets capture more value while saving time and effort.”

Website: https://www.brainbase.com/

Global M&A Leaders

Jonas Software operates over 130 independently managed software brands around the world, providing them with the strategic guidance and financial security required to be leaders in their respective markets. From its roots formed in the construction and club management markets, Jonas Software’s reach has grown extensively within the fitness, membership, hospitality, and industrial verticals. Today, Jonas Software is proud to supply industry-leading enterprise management software and related services to more than 80,000 customers in over 40+ vertical markets. If you own a vertical market software business or work with clients who do, our M&A professionals would welcome the chance to connect with you.

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