There were 14 new software businesses that joined the Jonas family of companies in 2021:

  • Six were in the United Kingdom / Europe, four were in North America, three were in Australia / New Zealand and one was in South America
  • Nine were in existing verticals and five were in new verticals, including Cinema, Risk Management, Debt Collections & Recovery, Auctions, and Dispute Management.

Here are the 14 companies that joined Jonas Software in 2021:

Let’s profile a few of the businesses in more detail here:

Easit: Geographical Expansion to Sweden

Acquisition Date:  February 2021

Vertical Market:  Case Management

Functionality:  Case management, data management software, and consulting services to businesses in both the private and public sectors.

Headquarters: Sundsvall, Sweden

Why Jonas: “I am delighted to have secured the sale of the business to Jonas. Their long-term vision and ‘hold forever’ strategy resonates with us and is a great fit for our customers and employees. Jonas will make a great home for Easit as they continue to expand their presence in our business areas around Europe.” Fredrik Persson, CEO of Easit


C&R Software: Entering the Debt Collections & Recovery Vertical from a Carve Out of Fair Isaac Corporation

Acquisition Date:  June 2021

Vertical Market:  Debt Collections & Recovery

Functionality:  Automating the lifecycle of consumer collections and recovery, including early collections, late collections, asset disposal, agency placement and optimization, recovery, litigation, bankruptcy, asset management, and residual balance recovery.

Headquarters: Fairfax, Virginia, United States


K2B & Genexus Consulting: Geographical Expansion to South America

Acquisition Date:  October 2021

Vertical Market:  Government Resource Planning (GRP) / Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

Functionality:  K2B offers Government & Private Sector ERP solutions, allowing every organization and industry to automate the administrative, accounting, budgeting and financial management of the organization. GeneXus Consulting assists organizations in private and public sectors to achieve their business objectives through the proper use and implementation of GeneXus technology.

Headquarters: Montevideo, Uruguay

Why Jonas: “GeneXus Consulting and K2B have played an important role in this digital transformation leadership by developing innovating world class products such as GRP, ERP, Cattle industry traceability, and public health solutions among others. Uruguay is one of the global leaders in government digital transformation due to its focus in the promotion of the software industry. We look forward to working with Jonas to continue to expand our product and service offerings throughout the rest of Uruguay and beyond.” ~Karina Santo, Founder of Genexus Consulting & K2B

K2B Website:

GeneXus Consulting Website:

Lean Industries: Entering the Dispute Management Vertical

Acquisition Date:  December, 2021

Vertical Market:  Dispute Management

Functionality:  Software products and implementation services for large financial services companies to assist with dispute resolution workflows spanning debit, credit, and prepaid card payment transactions.

Headquarters: Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada & Dayton, Ohio, United States

Why Jonas:

“It is exciting to be able to leverage Jonas’ proven best practices for software companies in order to expand our product and service offerings. Following years of searching for the right-fit-partner, we are excited to become part of Jonas Software. We will remain Lean Industries in all of our strengths and now be able to leverage Jonas’ proven best practices for software companies to fortify our operations and customer deliveries for even higher quality and expansions across our product and service offerings.” ~ Dave Noah, CEO of Lean Industries.

“Becoming part of Jonas Software marks a new chapter in our journey, and it will be one where we continue to build on the foundations of client-centricity, innovation and agility that make Lean Industries exceptional.” ~ Jim Schlegel, President of Lean Industries


Global M&A Leaders

Since 2003, Jonas Software has completed over 110 acquisitions in over 40 verticals. We offer autonomy and decentralized decision making, a buy-and-hold forever promise (we never sell our businesses), and a culture of sharing best practices. We are actively looking to have a dialogue with vertical market software leaders and M&A brokers. If you own a vertical market software business or work with clients who do, our M&A professionals would welcome the chance to connect with you.

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