In June 2003, Constellation Software (Jonas’ parent company) acquired Gary Jonas Computing Ltd, a functionally rich suite of products for the private club (Golf, Country, Yacht, Tennis and City Clubs) and construction industries.  Out of the 60+ applications developed for the private club market, one was a hotel management module to help clubs manage reservations, guest details and room requirements for overnight accommodations, as many of our clubs also offer lodging options. Therefore, a logical adjacency to the club market was the hotel industry, a market we had long aspired to expand into.

In 2015, Jonas was presented with the opportunity to acquire Springer-Miller Systems (“SMS”), a property management system, point of sale solution and spa management system for luxury hotels and resorts. Some of SMS’ clients (ex. Pebble Beach) have both hotel and golf operations, and so SMS provided a very natural extension from our strong existing presence in the golf industry into the hotel industry.

Each year since 2015, Jonas has added additional hotel software companies to the Jonas Hospitality family, expanding the breadth of our product suite to include additional property management systems, website content management systems, booking engines, digital marketing services and digital asset management/distribution solutions. Here is a timeline of our expansion in the hotel software industry over time:

Jonas Hospitality today is a trusted technology partner to over 70,000 hotel, resort and spa properties worldwide.  Here are our current product offerings:

Future Strategy

The hotel technology landscape is very fragmented, with many independent companies focusing on solving a specific need for a hotelier. Therefore, one of the biggest IT challenges for hoteliers today is the requirement to manage dozens of different software vendors and systems that do not communicate well together.

We believe we can best solve this challenge for our clients with the following strategy:

  • Continually expanding our product suite by building or acquiring best of breed point solutions, in addition to more ERP platforms as they become available for sale.
  • Given our decentralized management structure, each of our portfolio companies is able to focus on delivering the best solutions for their clients in their particular areas of expertise, while also being able to bundle and sell their solutions to customers of our other portfolio companies via partnership and tight integration of their systems.  Tight integration of our platforms allows us to deliver a more seamless user experience to our clients, without having to compromise the depth of functionality in each solution to provide an “all-in-one system”.
  • We are fortunate to have acquired a scalable integration platform (Jonas ARC) when we purchased Multi-Systems Inc., which has powered the system integration for thousands of properties.  With this technology we will continue to grow the integrations between all of the various Jonas Club and Hospitality companies, to provide a single integration platform for newly acquired companies to multiple Jonas companies.

Ask about the Jonas Hospitality Portfolio

Jonas Software’s strategy is to acquire, manage and build industry-specific software solutions. We like to talk about our ABCs in terms of how we are unique:

  • Autonomy – we have a decentralized structure and do not seek to take over the day-to-day operations of our companies.
  • Buy & Hold Forever – since our beginnings in 2003, Jonas has never sold a company it has acquired.
  • Culture of Sharing Best Practices – we place a high value on sharing our experiences on how to run great vertical market software companies with those who are a part of the Jonas family, through educational events, webinars, etc.

The Jonas Hospitality Group couples the above ABCs with deep industry knowledge, strong financial backing and a geographic footprint across the globe, to position our companies to compete with larger, global competitors, while retaining the agility and culture that makes them special.

Jim Fedigan, our Group CEO of the Jonas Club & Hospitality Portfolio expanded on this stating:

See what the CEOs of our hotel software companies had to say about the Jonas acquisition:

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