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Hessel UK Logo

Hessel Group Ltd

Acquired in 2023

Hessel is a leading provider of global mobility management solutions and services. With a comprehensive suite of features, Hessel's expertise empowers organizations to streamline their expense processes, reconcile payments/tax data, and manage timely payroll, personal tax, and social security data. For almost 30 years, businesses have relied on Hessel to augment existing processes and manage data to ensure everything runs smoothly.

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CompuMove USA Logo

CompuMove Systems Corporation

Acquired in 2022

CompuMove’s powerful move management software seamlessly brings together all of the different aspects of a moving company's operation into one fully integrated system including a complete general ledger accounting system. CompuMove continues its leadership, providing leading-edge information management systems exclusively for the moving and storage industry.

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QuickCube USA Logo


Acquired in 2020

QuickQube is an automated sales process system designed for the office and industrial moving sales person. The program collects, calculates, stores, and manages all the information needed to generate a commercial move estimate, proposal, move plan and work orders. QuickQube will eliminate costlly math errors, increase your closing ratio, and give you more time to spend prospecting for new clients and nurturing your existing clients.

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TechMate USA Logo

TechMate International

Acquired in 2018

TechMate provides comprehensive moving storage solutions with leading products such as FirstMate, LoadMate and SalesMate. TechMates’s sophisticated solutions help their clients organize and service their business operations, sales and customers more effectively and efficiently.

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Acquired in 2011

EWS is a leading provider of software solutions and services to the North American Moving & Storage market. EWS is a team of developers, integrators and experienced consultants committed to developing and implementing solutions that work with and for your business.

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Vans logo - moving & storage vertical


Acquired in 2011

The Vans solution provides fully integrated applications designed to assist your Moving and Storage company in managing all areas of your business, from monitoring sales leads, to post move follow-up.

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