Jonas Software - Scott Saklad

Scott Saklad

Group CEO, Jonas UK & Europe

Scott’s career in the software industry began over 20 years ago at Computrition, which became Jonas’ first Foodservice brand in 2007. Since then, he has been responsible for acquiring, building and managing several businesses within the Jonas operating group. After helping to add and oversee brands in the US, Scott moved to the UK to manage and integrate the acquisition of Gladstone plc, and has since worked on adding a number of brands in new and existing verticals.

As Group CEO, Scott spends a portion of his time working to coach and develop his team, assisting them in whatever it takes to deliver the highest quality products & services to their clients. The rest of his time is spent finding vertical market software companies that add value and market share to the Jonas portfolio. As part of the Jonas “buy and hold forever” strategy, Scott believes that building great companies for the long term is the ultimate goal, and that creating a platform for success comes from continual investment in your customers and employees.

Meet Scott's Team:

Portfolio Managers: Darrell BoxallRichard Clancy 
M&A Analyst: Sebastian Quarterman
M&A Business Development: Calvin Smith, Matthew Jones