New Features for Karisma v3


The addition of a single screen for adding a practitioner, while registering a request, means clerical staff can enter new referring practitioners in a much simpler and more efficient manner. One single dialog encompasses the practitioner record, practitioner location, provider number and distribution options. The combined dialog will save time and effort for users interacting with practitioner records throughout Karisma.

Improvements have also been made to the Diary. Allocation of multiple step services now occurs automatically. When a request with a multiple step service is scheduled, the Diary will review the applicable rules and automatically allocate the appropriate time slots for each step – across multiple rooms and resources. This significant new feature is of particular benefit to sites with a Nuclear Medicine modality.

These improvements will no doubt deliver efficiency advances and save time for our customers using Karisma v3. Karisma v2 customers who are interested in the new features should talk to their Kestral Account Manager to discuss an upgrade.