Computrition Debuts New Wristband Scanning and Forecasting Functions in Recent Release


With the recent updates to Hospitality Suite (HS), Computrition debuts the new wristband scanning feature of its tray tracking solution, Tray InMotion, along with enhanced forecasting functions for the Foodservice Operations Management solution.

With HS version 18.7.1, the wristband scanning is an inherent feature available with Tray InMotion that can be used by operations that run traditional meal delivery programs as well as those that use Room Service. Aside from scanning the ticket barcode on the patient’s tray, tray delivery staff will now be prompted to also scan the patient’s hospital identification wristband at bedside. The patient information from both scans is verified in Hospitality Suite to determine a match. This feature provides an additional level of confirmation in the effort to ensure that the nutritionally appropriate meal is delivered to the correct person.

Additionally, the wristband scanning detects any diet order inconsistencies between the printed tray ticket and the patient’s current diet therefore eliminating potential nutrition risk. Assuring the patient’s safety, this is useful in situations when a diet changes from the time the meal was ordered to when it is delivered. In either case, whether an identification discrepancy or diet order change, the handheld device will display an alert message to warn staff.

The addition of wristband scanning supports our customers’ ongoing initiatives towards maximizing patient safety. Computrition’s Hospitality Suite Product Manager, Heather Johnson commented: “Ensuring patient safety is a big responsibility and liability is a valid concern for healthcare foodservice operators. For that reason, we are confident wristband scanning will help to greatly reduce the potential delivery of food that is not intended for the patient, especially if their diet order has been reevaluated since the time of the meal order.”

Relative to the enhanced forecasting functions, it was designed to predict the future quantity of menu items to produce along with the total quantity of patrons to be served. These predictions are based on the post meal count history, enhancing the accuracy of forecasts for future food production. Johnson goes on to state that: “Operators can plan more effectively for future menu needs based on past history data, which benefits them in the long-term with reductions in overall food cost.”

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