ClubCentic and LeisurePoint Version 5


Version 5 of ClubCentric and LeisurePoint will be release in Quarter 2 of 2015 (April – June). There are many product enhancements in this version and full details of these will be published nearer the time.

To achieve some of the new features and ensure we are always using current technologies we have moved the product onto the .NET4.5 (4.5.2) platform. In order to take version 5 your hardware will need to adhere to the following requirements.

For the server SQL Server 2008 R2 or above will be required to be installed on Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1 or above. Servers must be x64 for Version 5

For the club components Windows XP will no longer be supported for V5 FrontDesks. In addition Microsoft have discontinued support for Windows XP. We would encourage users using Windows XP to move to a later version of Windows to support Version 5 and ensure you are still receiving security updates from Microsoft.

For our LeisurePoint customers you do not need to worry about the servers, we have this covered for you. In addition your existing Version 4 FrontDesks will continue to work with Version 5 so you do not need to upgrade your hardware immediately.

Customers who host their own environments will need to consider all of the above requirements.

In addition to the above you will require Internet Explorer 9 or higher to access the Membership and Bookings clients.