Technical Sales Engineer


Nov 22, 2017

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West Hills, CA – Bedford, MA

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Full Time

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Computrition, Inc. is the leading provider of fully integrated foodservice and nutrition management software systems. With over thirty years in the hospitality and healthcare industries, as well as the DoD, Computrition is an international company with offices throughout the United States and Canada.
Computrition's all-encompassing software systems are designed to increase efficiency and productivity in the foodservice and/or nutrition services operation. We provide menu management, inventory control, nutrition office management, nutrient analysis and more. Put your nutrition and food knowledge to use in a unique setting. Computrition allows you to creatively use computers in nutrition and food service. 

Job Description :

The Technical Sales Engineer is responsible for supporting the sales teams in all aspects of existing client and sales prospect analysis as it relates to the technical infrastructure and architecture required to efficiently deploy and operate all core software application(s) and all bolt-on modules. This individual will also possess the depth of technical knowledge and skill set to take on special projects related to but not limited to expanding the existing customer relationship management software (CRM).
The successful candidate will confidently articulate all aspects of the technical requirements related to all software and hardware peripherals required for each project. This person will persuasively communicate value to the client or prospect while positively influencing decision makers as to the ease and efficiency of loading and deploying all software solutions within the client or prospect’s host environments. Determine customer requirements in complex and often ambiguous environments. Interact effectively with the team and pursue all avenues of possibility to ensure a favorable sales outcome.
The role of the Technical Sales Engineer is comprised of the following areas:

  • Provide support for the sales teams in the technical infrastructure and architecture evaluation process for all customers and prospective customers. This will include:
    • Introductory technical calls to review customer & prospect needs and present software technical infrastructure requirements to verify compliance to required technical specifications.
    • Develop and provide all technical diagrams & scope of work documents required to satisfy each customer or prospects requirements for each project.
    • Log each interaction with each customer or prospect in the customer relationship management (CRM) platform.
    • If required / requested by the sales team, participate in either via phone, webinar or in person all customer or prospect meetings related to the sales process
    • Provide a final technical contract for (Sched. B) that is required for all corresponding deals prior to the close of said deal.
    • Complete any technical and/or security assessments or cyber security reviews required by customers and prospects
  • Maintain and keep current all internal software demo environments required for the sales teams to effectively demonstrate our products within all platforms. This could include but is not limited to:
    • Oracle database versions
    • Middleware compatibility (Citrix, gateway products etc.)
    • Set-up and maintenance of Virtual environments
    • Testing and verification of bolt-on and 3rd party product functionality to host software
    • Testing and verification of all hardware peripherals used to access all software applications (smartphones, tablets, monitors, printers etc.)
    • Sales demo site(s) / links set up for customers and sales teams
    • Provide support in the creation of virtual sales support resources (VRT’s) and products power demos.
    • Ensure that all technical architecture and hardware specification documents are kept up to date for each version and new product releases of the software application
    • Identify and provide all adaptive equipment required for the sales team to easily and efficiently demo the software solutions out in the field. (Universal HDMI, VGA and all other adapter cables required to connect to our laptops at to a projector, monitor etc. at customer/prospect site)

  • Ideally studied to degree level
  • Strong background in presenting technical architecture & design concepts
  • Previous pre-sales experience in a solution-selling environment preferred
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills enabling them to present or demonstrate during a business meeting
  • Proven history & knowledge of working with Oracle database solutions
  • Understanding of presentation servers such as Citrix & Terminal Services
  • An excellent working knowledge of Microsoft Office
  • Deep hands on experience working with one or more popular CRM systems i.e. Salesforce
  • Experience working with web technologies such as HTML, CSS and JavaScript.
  • Aptitude in creating animated video content such as web based product demos or virtual reference tours
  • Can build relationships with business and technical contacts at all levels in client organizations
  • Highly dependable, self-starter, high energy, positive attitude with good organization and time management skills
  • Personable, confident and self-motivated
  • Effective interpersonal skills
  • Customer focused
  • Persuasive communication
  • Persistent and tenacious
  • Able to create commercial relationships
  • Willing and capable of learning and adapting quickly
  • Confident in the use and concept of technology as a business improver.

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