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At Jonas Software, we believe that acquiring businesses is about more than just buying companies. It’s about investing in people and doing what it takes to help manage and grow businesses for life. To accomplish this, we operate with a decentralized model, pushing decision making down to the front lines where the people who know the industry and products best can do what is right for customers. This is why Jonas Software has a 'buy and hold-forever' strategy (yes - we have never sold a business), and why we have grown to operate more than 50 independently managed companies in 17 vertical markets around the world.

"There exist limitless opportunities in every industry. Where there is an open mind, there will always be a frontier."
- Charles Kettering

As an operating group of Constellation Software Inc. (CSI), one of North America’s largest and most respected software companies, Jonas Software focuses on adding value to each of our vertical markets by:

  1. Finding, acquiring and growing great companies;
  2. Attracting and retaining the best and the brightest people in the industries we serve;
  3. Encouraging our talented people to innovate, grow and succeed; and
  4. Building industry leading software solutions.

Once a company has been acquired, they become a part of the Jonas Software family, which we believe offers the best of all worlds. On the one hand, we provide the financial backing, expertise and best practices of a large company, while on the other hand, we run a decentralized model keeping well-established brands intact. Most importantly, this allows our most valuable asset, our employees, to learn, grow and flourish. Our buy and hold forever investment strategy creates a long-term outlook and decision making. Being part of Jonas Software provides a company and its employees opportunities to learn from, and share expertise with, hundreds of leading software companies and thousands of extremely talented Vertical Market Software experts from around the world.

Jonas Software is constantly seeking new opportunities to add value to our existing vertical markets, and is equally excited to explore new verticals when great opportunities present themselves.

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