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Jonas Club Management Jonas Club Software – Whether your club is small, large, public or fully private, Jonas Club Software has the right mix of Software, Communication and Service solutions to fit your needs. Worldwide over 2,200 clubs in more than 17 countries, with memberships ranging from 100 to 20,000, utilize the Jonas Club Software to build and enrich member relationships, increase revenues, and decrease costs.
 clubsystems group clubsystems group – clubsystems group is a leading provider of innovative club management software, offering products such as accounting, membership management, food & beverage, catering, tee time management, point-of-sale, and various online services.
 Smyth Systems Smyth Systems – Smyth Systems specializes in providing superior software, services and support that empower clubs to significantly improve the efficiency and profitability of their operations.
 clubMINDER ClubMinder – ClubMinder has provided solutions to Golf Clubs in the UK for over 10 years helping improve a Club’s financial performance, raises quality levels and reduces administration in all areas of a club’s operation. ClubMinder is used to keep over 200 clubs operating efficiently throughout the year.
clubPay ClubPay - ClubPay offers best of class solutions for payroll outsourcing, integrated HR management, time and attendance, biometric time clocks, compliance tools and online applicant tracking. All solutions seamlessly communicate with each other and are customized to meet the unique requirements of the club industry. ClubPay solutions are flexible and can scale to meet the needs of any size club, from 25 to over 1,000 employees.
Private Club Network
Private Club Network - The Private Club Network is the leading provider of reciprocal play management for private clubs. The Private Club Network enables members of private clubs throughout North America to enjoy reciprocal golf access at hundreds of participating clubs for a minimal fee.
Club Systems Africa - Club Systems Africa provides a full suite of Club Management applications, all of which are designed to maximize operational efficiencies and decrease costs. Specific applications available include Membership Management, Accounting, Point Of Sale, Tee Time Management and many more.
WebCreative UK - WebCreative UK is a leading provider of website solutions to clubs throughout the United Kingdom. Their premier solution, ClubView, has become the choice solution for clubs throughout the UK due to its fully customized design and integration touchpoints.

Leisure Fitness & Sports

Jonas Fitness

Jonas Fitness - At Jonas Fitness, our vision is to be the branded global leader in fitness software and billing services. We strive every day to be recognized by customers and industry stakeholders as a trusted provider of "Software For Life" and as an ambassador for technology, product innovation, quality, and customer service.

Gladstone Gladstone - Gladstone aims to become recognised as the leading international provider of innovative software solutions and services to different vertical markets where intelligent management of membership activities, bookings and service requirements are mission critical to the financial success and efficiency of our clients' operations.
CENTAMAN CENTAMAN Systems - CENTAMAN is a market leader in computer systems for the Tourism, Leisure and Attractions markets.  The CENTAMAN product range includes Ticketing, Point of Sale, Stock Control, Membership Management, CRM, Bookings, Programs Management, Access Control, Online, Kiosk, Mobile Solutions and Staff Administration Systems.
EZ Facility EZ Facility - EZ Facility provides scheduling, management, membership, and processing solutions for fitness, health club and sports facilities. EZFacility streamlines the daily operations and management of your facility, providing an immediate and substantial return on investment.
SDA Software - SDA Software specializes in providing web-based membership, management, CRM, booking and billing solutions for leisure centres, fitness facilities, gyms & health clubs and fitness studios in the UK and across Europe.

eFit Financial eFit Financial - eFit Financial provides SaaS-based, full service billing, collections and club management software for mid-market health clubs, personal training centers and fitness studios. The company’s modular software-as-a-service (SaaS) approach enables its users to manage their membership and facility while minimizing dependence on internal technology resources.
Xn Leisure Systems Ltd. Xn Leisure Systems Ltd. - Xn Leisure is a leading provider of Leisure Management Solutions (LMS) in the UK with over three decades of experience serving a growing estate of more than 5,000 deployed LMS licenses and is the technology partner of choice across all four sectors of public, private, facilities management and education. A portfolio of innovative LMS solutions include ‘Award winning’ self service modules offering better leverage of clients existing resources, increasing profitability and efficiency.
The Retention People - The Retention People are the leading researchers in leisure customer retention. We use this research to drive product development into solutions, processes and training packages to improve the customer experience, creating promoters of your brand and increasing customer loyalty. We are a niche business specializing solely in this area and are proud to be the world’s leading provider.
 Cap2 Solutions Cap2 Solutions - Cap2 Solutions is a leading provider of Course Management software to the Fitness & Leisure industry. With a unique understanding of how local authorities and trusts operate their services, Cap2 Solutions offers in depth, business specific applications such as Course Management, Events, Recruitment and more.
Member Solutions - MS is the leading provider of software and full service collection and billing services to the Martial Arts industry in North America. Member Solutions provides a full suite of applications to help businesses maximize efficiency and generate revenue.
Volo Innovations - Volo Innovations is a technology developer and vendor of online business management solutions via Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) technology. Founders Nikki Layton and Barry Duncan have translated their combined 20 years of experience in the health and fitness industry into software design that has an inherent respect for real world situations and practical usability. Volo Innovations is based in Vancouver, Canada.
Frontline Solutions - Frontline Solutions grew out of the need to bring together multiple areas of business operations into one complete package.  Facility operators were forced to buy separate point of sale, ticketing and scheduling packages from multiple vendors that didn’t integrate.  FrontLine brought together in one package all of these applications giving management a single source solution.  Since then we have expanded and enhanced our product line and installed our software in ice rinks, multi-sport facilities, ski resorts, general attraction facilities and minor league facilities for reserved seat and general admission ticketing. 
London & Zurich Limited - London & Zurich Limited is a leading provider of integrated payment collection solutions throughout the United Kingdom, offering a full suite of financial collection and management solutions.
123Signup - 123Signup's solutions are transforming the way events and member organizations are managed. Organizations using our system report success doing more events with less staff, collecting faster, providing better member services, and increasing subscribers.

Authentic8 ID Solutions - Authentic8 has unrivaled experience of providing ID solutions for all types of software systems, such as membership clubs (fitness, sports & leisure), retail, transport, attractions and education. From specification, through design, production and delivery we have a dedicated team ready to serve all your ID requirements.


Nutrition Complete - Nutrition Complete is a leading provider of nutrition management software. Their applications help individuals reach their personal health and fitness goals through customized nutrition plans, shopping lists, reporting and analysis.
Retention Management - Retention Management specializes in technology solutions that help fitness operators track, engage and retain their members by providing sophisticated tools that keep members informed, motivated and involved, leaving owners free to focus on running and growing their business.

CampSite - CampSite is an industry leader in providing Camp Management Software to the Summer Camp Industry. With a cutting-edge and streamlined web-based solution, camps can now seamlessly collect online registration, process payments, manage medical and other important camper information, hire staff, track alumni, communicate with their clients and much more.

97Display - 97Display is a leading provider of software and services to the Martial Arts industry. Their solutions enable Martial Arts facilities to generate new leads, and focus their marketing efforts through a variety of internet based solutions including social media strategies, mobile apps and more.

Salon & Spa

  Shortcuts Software - Shortcuts is the leading global standard in smart salon technology, working with over 14,000 clients worldwide. Shortcuts solutions are tailored to suit the needs of its clients – from large franchised chains through to single site businesses in the hair, spa, school and walk-in industries.  Constantly updating its products to meet the changing needs of the market, Shortcuts’ software is supported by the largest research and development team in the industry. Shortcuts’ technologies are currently used in 45 countries around the world.
i-Salon i-Salon Software - i-Salon is a leading provider of Salon Software and Services to businesses throughout the world. i-Salon specializes in technology solutions that help salon and spa owners enhance their business processes, sales, and workflow with such tools as staff scheduling, point of sale, online appointment booking, inventory and text messaging.
Kitomba Kitomba - Kitomba is a leading provider of Software and Service solutions to the Salon and Spa industry. Founded in 2002, Kitomba is driven by its singlemindedness to provide innovative, easy-to-use software and world-class support to salon and spa businesses of all sizes. Kitomba has dedicated sales and support teams across Australia, New Zealand and the UK to provide our customers with local support, 24/7. Our head office is based in Wellington, New Zealand.


 Computrition Computrition – Computrition, Inc. provides innovative foodservice and healthcare software solutions. Since its inception, Computrition has led the foodservice industry by bringing to life cutting-edge technology that provides the highest quality products and services to foodservice and nutrition professionals.
 CommonCents Common CENTS - Common CENTS Solutions has been providing innovative hospitality solutions to the healthcare industry for more than two decades. Their Point-Of-Sale, Cashless, Room Service and Web Ordering solutions are designed for Lean Process Improvement and have a demonstrable financial payback. For patient, guest and employee satisfaction, simplicity of operation and a better bottom line, Common CENTS makes perfect sense.
Dietary Food Management Dietary Food Management - DFM offers a software solution for every healthcare dietary operation - small or large, private or public, acute or long-term care. The Dietary Food Management (DFM) System is a fully integrated production, point of sale, diet office management and nutritional care software system. It has been designed with the goals of today's food service director in mind - to minimize food and material waste, maximize staff productivity, and ensure optimum patient nutritional care and customer satisfaction.
Monarq RC Monarq RC was established in 2013 and is an extension of Computrition, the longtime leader in healthcare food service software solutions. Wanting to offer the same type of efficiencies to the resident care industry that have helped many acute care operators, Computrition created MonarqRC, a new company whose primary focus is on resident care communities and smaller regional and community hospitals.


Jonas Construction Jonas Construction - The Jonas Construction package is a comprehensive and fully integrated construction accounting and service work order solution used by over 1,000 clients across a number of construction markets.
Jonas Premier  Jonas Premier - Jonas Premier delivers a remarkably simple, yet powerful software solution for contractors. Our mission is to simplify Construction software complexities with fully integrated and complete solutions.
Compusource  Compusource - Compusource Corporation is a leading provider of business software solutions for the Field Service and Construction Management, Metal Service Center and Moving & Storage Industries.
  Vertical Market Software –VMS has been a leading provider of business management software for contractors since 1984. With its latest release, Ventus, VMS offers the best in easy to use and affordable Service & Construction Accounting Software for Contractors.


CENTAMAN Systems CENTAMAN Systems - CENTAMAN is a market leader in computer systems for the Tourism, Leisure and Attractions markets.  The CENTAMAN product range includes Ticketing, Point of Sale, Stock Control, Membership Management, CRM, Bookings, Programs Management, Access Control, Online, Kiosk, Mobile Solutions and Staff Administration Systems.

Metal Service Centers

Compusource Compusource - Compusource Corporation is a leading provider of business software solutions for the Field Service and Construction Management, Metal Service Center and Moving & Storage Industries.
Metalogic Metalogic - Metalogic is a leading provider of management software solutions for the Metal Stockholding and Processing Industry. Their highly scalable systems offer their customers multi branch, multi product, multi process functionalities and these are installed at every type of metals manufacturing and distribution business.
PCI Systems PCI Systems - PCI provide integrated IT solutions that have been specifically designed and developed by us for the Metals industry, encompassing stock holders, service centres and processors. PCI Systems offers a range of software and hardware solutions that are tailored to your company’s individual requirements. We have been doing this successfully since 1981.

Moving & Storage

 Compusource Compusource - Compusource Corporation is a leading provider of business software solutions for the Field Service and Construction Management, Metal Service Center and Moving & Storage Industries.
EWS - EWS is a leading provider of software solutions and services to the North American Moving & Storage market. EWS is a team of developers, integrators and experienced consultants committed to developing and implementing solutions that work with and for your business.


Gladstone Education - Gladstone Education specializes in providing "Smart School Solutions" which include Identity Management, cashless catering and facilitating access control integration using smartcard and biometric-based technology, and is a key supplier to the UK Government's Academy Build Program. The company's comprehensive suite of solutions ensure seamless integration with third party vendors, making our solutions the applications of choice for today's schools.
EasyTrace - EasyTrace is the recognised market leader in the provision of "Smart" card and biometric solutions for Education. Having initially focussed on cashless catering, the EasyTrace suite has grown to include a wide set of applications, all controlled by a single card or finger print. These include access control, follow-me print/copy, e-Registration, library management and locker access. These are all managed through a single database (called Infinity) and linked to your schools' existing MIS or portal system.
Tucasi- Tucasi creates software systems that help schools manage income more effectively. Their systems are designed to reduce workload in the school, create multiple payment options, improve auditability and much more. The Company’s systems have modules for Trips, Dinner Money, Extended Day, Lettings, Online Payments and Communications. Tucasi systems are a fully integrated solution for your school or college.
CRB Cunninghams- CRB Cunninghams is a leading provider of cashless catering solutions to the UK education market with a focus on primary and secondary schools. CRB Cunninghams’ solutions are used in over 2,500 schools across the UK to help them run efficient and effective meal and nutritional programs as well as aid in the payment of those items to try to eliminate cash from the schools and the troubles cash can cause.

Radiology/Laboratory Information Systems

 Kestral Kestral - For more than twenty years, Kestral has specialised in providing intuitive, best of breed, Radiology Information System (RIS) and Pathology Laboratory System (LIS) solutions to the Australian and international health industry. Kestral systems are designed, developed, tested, marketed and supported in Australia by a dedicated team of industry professionals who understand both IT and medical systems. Dedicated to innovation, our mission is to provide our clients with the best solution possible, whilst maintaining excellent connectivity and integration with partner systems.
 LRS Health LRS Health - LRS Health is a leading developer of management, billing and communication software for the healthcare industry. In business for more than 20 years, LRS Health products - which include MediPATH, MediBILL and AllTALK - are used by public and private businesses throughout Australia and the UK.

Consumer Product Licensing

MyMediaBox - MyMediaBox is a leading provider of affordable, intuitive and flexible hosted, online business applications (software-as-a-service), for digital asset management, style guide asset delivery and product approvals workflows for the Consumer Products and Television Distribution industries.

Retail Solutions

 CommonCents Common CENTS - Common CENTS Solutions has been providing innovative solutions to the retail and hospitality industry for more than two decades. Their Micros Point-Of-Sale and Web-based Gem2Go online meal ordering solutions are designed for security and for clients looking to improve the financial and cash management of their operation. For simplicity of your operation and a better bottom line, Common CENTS makes perfect sense.
Cunningham Cash Registers Limited “CCR” - CCR is a leading provider of EPoS (Electronic Point of Sale) systems to a number of niche markets in the UK, with a strong presence in the education, hospitality, retail and the growing cashless market.